Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bolinas Loses More Than Power

by SF Dell

A tree fell across Mesa Road at 1:30 a.m. Sunday morning creating what Bolinas Volunteer Fire Department’s Chief, Anita Tyrrell-Brown, described as the departments’ biggest fear.
The fallen tree blocked both lanes and brought power lines down with it, shutting down access to and from the Mesa for 13 hours.
Fear made manifest, earlier this year Tyrrell-Brown was quoted saying, "Our concern is with access, if Mesa Road is blocked by downed trees and power lines, residents living on the Bolinas Mesa will have no route out of town and our emergency vehicles will be unable to access a significant portion of the community."
Mesa Road is one of two routes to the Bolinas Gridded Mesa where 60 percent of the town’s population live. However, Terrace Avenue, the other route, has been closed since January 2010 after storms caused a section of roadway to sink with the drift of an eroding cliff.
Nearly two years of conversation, planning and the pursuit of funding have passed. Representatives from the Bolinas Community Public Utility District and the Bolinas Fire Protection District (BFD) are in on-going discussions with Supervisor Kinsey and the County's Department of Public Works concerning the condition of Terrace Avenue and the funding sources to restore it.
While concerned citizens weathered the recent storm, no life threatening incidents occurred as a result of the inaccessible emergency medical and fire vehicles.
The BFD began responding to calls with the first downed tree at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday. Additional trees fell on Olema-Bolinas, Bo-Fairfax, Juniper, Terrace and Mesa Roads. Members of the department worked through the night removing the trees and manning road blocks at three sites with downed power lines.
The storm that blew in Saturday caused power outages in Bolinas, Dog Town, Stinson Beach, Forest Knolls, Inverness, Lagunitas, Olema and Point Reyes Station.
Power to downtown Bolinas briefly went out on Saturday night. Power to the rest of Bolinas, Dogtown and the San Geronimo Valley was not restored until Monday.

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