Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dodging low tide

Several weeks of severe weather prevented fishermen from heading out to sea. On Monday of last week, Bolinas fishermen Kristopher and Jeremy Dierks took advantage of the welcome respite from the storms. Unfortunately, strong currents rendered crab pot buoys unreachable, the brothers returned to the dock on Bolinas Lagoon empty handed.
Josh Churchman, also of Bolinas reports, “This last week I have been running the crab gear but the catch has dropped down to almost nothing.”
Heading into minus tides this week, Churchman describes the strategy, “What we have all been doing is leaving early in the morning and coming in late in the evening, after the tide comes in.” Long days like these are one of the down sides of mooring in Bolinas, “That is why there are not many boats here,” he says.
“It is one of the best crab seasons we have ever had. Most of the crab has been caught.
Lots of small crab still out there; just not many legal ones,” says Churchman (Citizen photo by SF Dell).

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